What is Wealthy Affiliate Program – A Review

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Reviews are the backbones in locating the authenticity and the legitimacy of a site. Reading a review helps you to understand the truth of a product, site or service.

In this article, I will show you what is the Wealthy Affiliate Program in the review form and how you can make an informed decision of the company.

I will also show you how to avoid scams and identify legitimate online opportunities going forward. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Product: Wealthy Affiliate

Ranking: 95/100

Price: $0 for starter membership, $19 a first month for Premium

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Listen to the honest confession of this young lady who talks about her experience with the platform:



What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an internet marketing training program created to help online entrepreneurs find the best strategies to start a business online.

It is a platform that trains you to build a fantastic website with which you can receive commissions and other monetary rewards you deserve for driving traffic to your website or other business sites.

Unlike other training programs that promise to show big money but instead end up taking it from you, Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine and complete program that offers you everything you need to create a successful online marketing business.

The program has important tools and features including 24/7 support, training, live chat, a community forum where you can network with other affiliates, and help desk to the extent of Web Hosting.

This program is ideal not only for beginners who are just starting out in online business but also for veterans who are taking a break and would like to get going again with their businesses.

The program trains users on – how to set up their own niche marketing sites as well as use other internet tools to grow their businesses.

Members are taught to create their niche sites based on their own personal interests and the things they are very passionate about instead of being forced to select preset niches.

The founders of the program stay up to date to ensure that any developments in the market are taken care of to providing the latest technological know-how to its members.

This allows the members to get accessed to the trending training materials to take advantage of the great opportunities out there in the online marketplace.


Sign up form.png

Who Founded Wealthy Affiliate?

Two young Canadian entrepreneurs Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim founded the company in 2005 with the aim of helping individuals set up their own online businesses.

They have developed Wealthy Affiliate into a huge community of 1.5 million marketers and entrepreneurs and because of the continuous success stories from registered members, it’s growing day by day into an Internet Giant.

Kyle, the co-founder of wealthy affiliate takes care of the training by reaching out to all its members on important matters and Carson, another co-founder works closely with the technical team.

Both of them are very active in the community and always ready to help if YOU are stuck anywhere. Other experienced members such as the Ambassadors along with the TOP 200 members come to the fore for any queries to assist you.

The following is a picture of Kyle and his family. You can follow him on Instagram.

Picture of Kyle & family.png

Here’s the photo of Carson and his family.

Carson & family.png


You will be blown away with the kind of help they give you. But don’t take my words for what has been shown. You should carry out your own research by reaching out to some members randomly to proving the fact!

Soon as you click any of the links given here, you will be taken to a Sign-up Page like this:

WA Signup page.png


No credit cards required, just enter your email ID and take the FREE Ride to see if this suits your appetite as far as your Online Taste is concerned.

Leave it to destiny and flip back if you don’t find the gut to join this Amazing Community. But remember, when your short tour with the company is all gone and over, they will still be there.

I’m showing you my honest confession of this platform that it does exist for everyone who wants to find the best set of tools online and join a family-like rapport to boost your success.

“Fakes are fakes and misleading information are soon discovered”

That said, let’s take a look at what’s next.

Taking Wealthy Affiliate System Tour

1. Account & Profile Set up

Take a complete tour of the WA system. Soon as you enter your active Email ID, you need to set up your Free Account and complete your profile.

No worries. Simply follow the prompts as you’re guided step by step all the way through. Adding a nice picture to your profile will prove useful as the members out there are waiting to befriend you.

This also gives better recognition to post your personal blog in the community and to manage your account payout limit for your first commission.

Account setting image.png


Check out your interactive and personalized activity feed every day as you’ll always find tips and tutorials to taking your business forward.

2. Training at Wealthy Affiliate

There are 1,000’s training resources available giving your online technical problems covered. Honestly speaking, I did not know how to take even a simple ‘screenshot’ before joining this amazing community.

The right way to use social media profiles, Google algorithm, Site SSL, Spam Blocker, and Page Speed Insight are important features that come into play in the building of a successful website and Wealthy Affiliate has you all covered.

It is a world-class training program that offers A-Z online tools giving you a hassle-free learning curve. The company is an ALL IN ONE IoT(Internet of Things).

You’ll come to know about the site as experience tells itself, and I don’t have to talk so highly of it. But you’ll be a LUCKY PERSON if you stumble upon it.

Training features.png

3. Website Building

As you sign up with the platform, your first duty is to set up a website that takes a baby step. You don’t have to worry about setting it up.

Simply follow the prompts and also access the Live Chat whenever stuck.

When you hit ‘Website’ on the left of your Dashboard, you’re taken to a page shown below:

Domain purchase option.png


Registering a domain is easy. It’s recommended that you purchase a domain of your own as you’re in full control of it in terms of adding more features and modifying it to your preferences later.

A premium member can host up to 50 websites with over 3000+ beautiful website designs and over 51,973 website feature ‘Add ons’ all included in your monthly or annual fee.

Wow, that’s amazing!

Clicking below will take you directly to the platform for a ride.


Sign up form.png


4. Live Events

There are Weekly Webinars for premium members with no extra charge. It’s a bonus for signing up as a premium member.

It teaches every procedure you need for your online business. It makes you acquaint Google Analytics thoroughly and ride you through until you become a pro webmaster who owns a fully optimized website.

Magistudios in the person of Jay hosts the weekly webinars.

The following is a screenshot of a webinar that was going on Dec. 14, 2019, with his picture:


Screenshot of WA webinar.png


As you might be aware traffic is the core metric for achieving success online and having sound knowledge of your chosen niche is undeniable.

WA teaches you all these and once you registered to these weekly webinars, it is up to you to join them LIVE or watch the recorded videos later when you want or where you want.

This gives you a full advantage in the flexibility of your time schedule and how you manage it.

Your doubts on any query get clarified by joining the world-famous Live Q & A Session. Go ahead and ask anything you may want to.

WA webinar benefits.png

Success has no shortcuts and wiser people learn from the experiences of others.

If you are coachable and dedicated, then I strongly invite you to join us by clicking the following banner:




Some members learn fast and gain traction in as little as 3-6 months’ time while others learn slow and for your information, I belong to the latter group(the slow learners).

Remember the flexibility of your time management in this company!

This is the best option as you’re in control of your own progress and when a family’s urgency intervenes in your learning process.

Of course, I do sense your family’s busy schedules apart from your hobbies and craving desires.

While being here, you’re probably wanting to make money from home. Well by joining the WA, it allows you to work from home, and you control your income as you control the hours that are put forward towards that goal.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the core lessons that you’ll learn and perhaps, the most rewarding classes.

It refers to building your website from scratch, getting visitors by placing ads to it and monetizing it while you see money rolling into your bank account.

As said earlier, this platform gives everything you need in ONE place.

I’m a PROUD member of this community and I have no complaints in my 3 years journey with this program.

You can read how it has progressed over the years and where it is today and how it is still updating and expanding its platform by CLICKING HERE.

Before continuing the System Tour further, I’ll be showing you some of the commissions I personally receive.


WA commission.png


That’s not a lot of money though, just some, but this definitely gives you some proof that you’re on the right track if you’re joining in.

Earning is possible for anyone who joins the program and there are lots of members who are crushing it in affiliate marketing.

You may also want to check this blog, “what does $1000 per day look like?” 

Or, say $5000 a month isn’t bad. Click here to read it.

That being shown, we’ll again continue the System Tour.

5. Keyword Research and Training.

I was a newbie to affiliate marketing and making money online. I didn’t know a single thing about SEO or anything for that matter.

I created a website that didn’t really go anywhere but with TIME, I learned the basics of – writing content, keyword selection, and website optimization and the discipline needed to be a successful marketer.

This is also where the use of a simple tool called Jaaxy comes into play. I was blown away by the simplicity of using the tool.

Actually, every new user for any new thing feels a little bit nervous for the first time, but the simplicity of the tool kept me going.

With a few trial and error methods, I got used to it. You’ll also have the same experience and in no time, you’ll definitely get used to it.

I can confidently tell you that you’ll love the tool.

Doubtlessly, there are many useful keyword tools – Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, KWFinder, Long Tail Pro including the Screaming Frog available out there.

But these tools take time to familiarize and to get the hang of them.

Wealthy Affiliate, while this may be true, offers Jaaxy – an amazing Keyword Research tool for all the registered premium members in the Lite category.

Because of the tool’s simplicity, it becomes so convenient for every online marketer to use and more so if you’re just starting out.

Every keyword I post to Google is searched using this tool to confirm whether the keyword I’m using has low or high competition.

This gives a hassle-free choice in pulling up the right targeted keywords. Click the banner below to check it out.



It gives you the monthly Average Traffic, QSR(Quoted Search Result), and KQI(Keyword Quality Index) shown by the image below:

Jaaxy Research Tool.png


A keyword less than 100 QSR and the KQI that reads as ‘great’ is always recommended. In this example, the QSR is 91(less than 100) shown by the red arrow and the KQI is ‘great’ in green color.

Following this method will definitely make your post show up in Mighty Google and other search engines like Yahoo or Bing.

Adding your article in more search engines like Baidu, AOL, DuckDuckGo or Ask.com is going to be absolutely your maneuver as an extra grasp.

Kicking off your journey with Jaaxy as an affiliate marketer will surely bring traction as the saying goes, “well begun is half done.”

Features like the Low Hanging Fruit and Alphabet Soup will also come to your rescue with time.

Clicking the banner below takes you to the platform.



Every seat holds a story to tell. What’s going to be yours as an online entrepreneur? I can’t wait to hear your success story.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet Giant in the affiliate marketing industry for training people on how to make money online.

The step by step training allows you to go at your own pace to build your online business as you’re learning. The good news is – you Earn as you Learn!

Decide how you start earning. It can be after you’ve finished a ‘phase’ in the Online Certificate Course, in the middle of the course or after you’ve done the course completely.

6. Affiliate Programs at WA

mage of Affiliate Program.png


For that, there are hundreds of Affiliate Programs that you can make use of. Depending on your preference, you’re free to choose from Health & Fitness, Clothing & Accessories, Department Store or any other program that might interest you.

The act of selecting a product or a service must be done judiciously as it is going to be your specific target with fixity for long. And this is where your niche comes into play.

You’ll have to advertise the sales position of that niche, be clear about it and also highlight the capabilities needed for the job.

Whether you’re promoting paleo bars, bow ties, sunglasses, or leggings, you should be choosing the one with which your idea never runs out.

Your niche website, that way, will become an authority and result in getting more traffic, new prospects and help you close your sales.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate gives you all this covered.

7. Live Chat at Wealthy Affiliate

Live Chat banner.png


Live Chat is an online customer service software with live support, help desk software, and web analytics capabilities.

A site that comes with Live Chat is just amazing because your queries are answered immediately and your problems are taken care of.

Get instant help at Wealthy Affiliate and interact with any fellow members whenever you’re stuck. Ask a question or reach out to the Site Support for any technical issues you might be facing with your website.

You can even private message the founders and they will be more than happy to help you. This unique feature and the absolute readiness to help everyone make even the old members who had left the site to come back.

They are very compassionate and thrive together for your online success.

What the heck do you expect more than this?

Of course, you can throw a volley of questions at this platform right now. Find out if this is true. Ask a Question HERE.

Did you hear me right?

If I was saying…”You’ve never seen anything like this and this is a game-changer, especially for those who aren’t generating a full-time income online yet”

So give it a shot.

8. 24/7 Help Center

24/7 Help Center.png


Never get stuck again. The Help Center is available round the clock. Success comes when you get instant support from your Hosting company.

Every successful entrepreneur started off from scratch but the only difference is the seamless support a person gets, backed by unstinted dedication.

You may ask your personal coach for help or anyone available in the Live Chat. You’ll not be disappointed with your queries.

The site is phenomenal and I’m ready to help if you join us.

9. You Are a Creator

As you become a member at Wealthy Affiliate, you would start posting your blogs. The good news is, you can start earning right away by creating some training.

The training can be on any topic. New members are keen to expose what they have learned in the training, and this triggers them to come up with new findings and as a result, they get paid.

From building your website, writing articles or finding new avenues, you’re in full control of what you do in the community.

Earn credits by performing specific tasks, then use these credits to purchase a variety of things related to your business.

You are a creator.

10. Super Affiliate Challenge of 300 Sales

Take part in an exclusive, all-expense-paid Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. Earn 300 sales and step into luxury with the top entrepreneurs of the world.

If you’re lucky, you may be qualified by referring only 100 sales during the winter season.

Participating in this Super Affiliate Challenge doesn’t only qualify you for the annual Vegas Conference but also gives you an optimized and clutter-free website for Google ranking.

You’re pulling out every gut to qualify, and in the process, you own a beautiful On-page SEO and Off-page SEO website that makes you to the top of Google ranking!

Wow, what the heck of a review is this!

300 sales challenge.png


I can’t wait to see you inside and hear your success story.


Sign up form.png


11. Real-time Personalised Notifications

Know when someone has contacted you or signed up to your affiliate link. You get every alert with what’s going on with your website or if somebody just responded from your WA blog.

It’s such a thrill to see your referrals having left their email ids in your contact list. There’s no greater joy to see the word, “CONGRATULATIONS” when opening your email in the morning.

For instance, the following is a congratulatory note I received last week. My referral had done a recurring payment that credited $23.50 in my PayPal account.

Here’s the screenshot:

WA commission.png


Take another referral who had signed up to give a Test Ride for the AMAZING tool called Jaaxy, Keyword finder. This tool is so awesome and beginners- friendly.

Her’s the shot:

Jaaxy Referral.png


Check this newbie-friendly Keyword Finder. You don’t want to miss this!


There are many more to be shown, but only the two screenshots will do to authenticating our discourse here.

That said, more testimonials might be tailored in at the end of this honest review. But remember, “Better done than said.”

This means your direct personal experience of the company, and not depending on the High Praise of a reviewer alone.

If you’ve read this far, then I heartily congratulate YOU and am humbled for stopping by.

There are many more Big Guns of Wealthy Affiliate who are earning Huge. CrawfordTara made $3000 in a month.

Read how she made it Here.

Everyone who follows the training and picks the tools always succeeds. Though it isn’t a get-quick-rich program, you can be confident that your earnings are sure to come.

EddySolomon made over $100K in 2018. You may check out his blog here.

You have all the resources here to achieve your goals. Also, you’ll no longer get scammed again if you’ve had the experience elsewhere.

Here’s another new member who completed the training and sold his website for $30,000. Check his blog here.

What’s the catch?

Well, if these members can do, why not YOU?

I had joined Wealthy Affiliate with absolutely no idea nor with any technical expertise but with hopes of earning money with doing what I love.

And here I stand to show you that Wealthy Affiliate works. I’ve done my part to show you all these and it’s your turn to take the yoke forward.

Successful members of this company, who are crushing it, will also be more than happy to help you to achieve your goals.

Now, before I go, as promised in the opening part of the review, here are some hints to avoid scams. Because I had been scammed a few times before I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate University.

Are you getting bombarded by scam calls or have been scammed? No worries. You’re not alone.

You can immediately relate the matter to FTC(Federal Trade Commission) by clicking here.

Or, go directly to the Better Business Bureau for immediate assistance. BBB will help you resolve your privacy complaints.

Some of the steps you should judiciously mark before signing up are:

  • If a company sounds to be too good by promising you a big amount of money, then that may definitely be a scamming site.

Scammers know exactly all kinds of tricks to convince you. They pose themselves to be very genuine and often ask for upfront payments.

Do not dole out your to hard-earned money that way. Here are a few more explanations of the tricks to watch out for and how to protect yourself from scams:

This way you stay ahead in the game.

I hope that this article helped you to understand what is Wealthy Affiliate in the review form. You may also want to check how to start your own blog to make money

Or, check the article about the 11 reasons why you’re not getting traffic and how to solve it.

If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. for more video tutorials.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for reading this far. And if you have any questions regarding this review, please do not hesitate to reach me out with the email ID given below:


I will try my best to respond to you within 24 hours.

Wishing YOU a huge online success.

Below are a few testimonials from Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate.


Nadia's testimonial.png

Marcus' Testimony.png

Swangirl's testimony.png


10 thoughts on “What is Wealthy Affiliate Program – A Review”

  1. After reading your information, I have concluded that Wealthy Affiliate is a very good platform for building a website that will earn you an income.
    The way you have explained it, everything that you need will be provided at the same monthly or yearly cost as everyone else. I have found the biggest problem with this program is that there is so much information that it is very confusing at times.
    After being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for several years and seeing a number of people become successful, the biggest thing that most do to be successful is action and giving back to the community what they have learned.
    What do you think are the main cost of other things that you will need to make a profit on a website that is built on the information of Wealthy Affiliate training.

    • That’s true, John. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that enables everyone to start earning passive income from scratch.

      Starters should only focus on the Certification Course and not turn their eyes on the galaxy of information found on the platform to avoid confusion.

      Like you said, the tradition of giving back to the community what they have learned goes on and this very act is the number ONE factor why most members continue to stay for years and years while also achieving their own success.

      The main cost of other things that a person needs is to stick on with the program with ACTION and expand a HUGE number of followers.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Hello
    Thanks for writing a detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I already enjoy this Platform for six months. As I am from a foreign country and my English is a third language, I have a significant opportunity to learn correct English, also improve on writing skills.
    Kyle and Carson are very caring people; I receive the answer right away if I have any questions. Also, Site Support is working correctly.
    Your review is very detailed, so I need to go over again and read every lesson with close attention.
    Thanks for the review, it reminds me I need to do my “homework.”

    • Thanks for the comment, and equally glad to learn that you’re already enjoying your training for 6 months with the platform.

      Every member who comes here doesn’t fall short of the LEARNING aspects – learning English or improving writing skills.

      Yes, the site support here is FANTASTIC and I wish you all the best of luck and success.

  3. This is a thorough, comprehensive review of wealthyaffiliate.com. There are a lot of benefits to wealthy affiliate. If you want to learn how to build a website from the ground up and run a business on that site, the wealthy affiliate program will show you how to do that. There is a free trial for anyone who is interested. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • I hear what you say and thanks for your comment. The benefits at Wealthy Affiliate are not only website building but there are tons of online tips and tricks.

      Everyone is happy here and for some, it a place of lucrative pastime while also building their personal incomes online.

      The FREE trial you mentioned is not for every country. Some countries do not enjoy this offer.

  4. I like the fact that this review is very thorough and it helps you know all the information. I wish I knew this before I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate.

    Either way I have no regrets of joining this platform. I love the live training more than anything as it is real time and has helped me with my business.

    • It’s a real joy to hear that the Live Training is so helpful for you. Every week there’s a live training under the able leadership of Jay from Magistudios.

      He has been the Live Coach since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and has a vast knowledge when it comes to owning an optimized website. You learn everything with him from the Right way of adding a content to your website and posting affiliate links etc. till your site gets ranked in Mighty Google including On-page and Off-page Optimization.

      He is a dedicated gentleman who is always ready to help anyone who asks a question.


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