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My Facebook fans did not believe me once I told them that there were lots of successful tech bloggers in India. Indeed, the Indian blogging industry is booming over the years and tons of Indian entrepreneurs, with a passion for online biz, have established themselves as authority sites in their chosen niche. So today, I have created a very cool list of 21 Top Indian Bloggers You should follow and duplicate their footsteps. They just started blogging from scratch and are now so much more than just the blogs they started.

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21 Top Indian Bloggers 

Listed below are the top 21 Indian bloggers that have influenced the reading mass with a HUGE impact. Please also note that the list here isn’t in any particular order.

Amit Agarwal

1.Amit Agarwal

Obviously, this guy is one of the most famous Indian bloggers. Amit has a degree in Computer Science and trades with several reputable multinational companies before he launched his blog, labnol.org

He is considered as the first professional blogger in the country after quitting his attractive job at Goldman Sachs where he was a reputable software developer.

This New Delhi-based pro blogger performs absolutely well in his chosen profession with a whopping $60,000 monthly income from his blog. He teaches digital topics and offers inspiration to his growing list of passionate audience who are always ready to learn and follow him for the latest topics in the digital world.

Adsense and affiliate sites accounts for 75% of his monthly income. This pioneer Indian blogger is the best in his profession and a source of inspiration to many Indian bloggers.

After a couple of years of submitting blog articles on tech, he makes a staggering amount of 20,00,000 to 30,00,000 INR.

All this he does it from the comforts of his own residence without commuting to authenticate that he has already built a Home Biz Empire.

He has forsaken the conventional 9-5 day job under a Boss, and has become his OWN Boss with much Freedom for his family and friends.


Harsh Agarwal.png

2. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal’s blogging journey is just awesome. He had to borrow a credit card from his friend to register his Domain in 2008. And gradually established himself as one of the biggest bloggers in India and a worthy authority in the Social Media Marketing community.

ShoutMeLoud is his blog that covers different blogging related topics such as how to start a blog and monetize it, and how to make a decent living out of it amounting to $40,55 monthly.

His areas of expertise include Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Presently, his blog is generating a HUGE income like a money making machine. You can reach out for him through Twitter.

Shradha Sharma.png

3. Shradha Sharma

Now, here’s a lady who has shown the incredible spark of change and creation in every woman entrepreneur.

Founded in 2008, Shradha has published close to 60,000 stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers.

Yourstory.com has vividly shown that every woman too can aspire to be the best at whatever they set their minds on, and has helped more than 50,000 entrepreneurs access networking and funding opportunities worldwide.

The Bangalore-based seasoned and successful blogger earns an estimated $30,000 monthly as one of the top 10 entrepreneurship bloggers in India.

 The bulk of her income is from Adsense, sponsorship, and other advertisements.

Now, what do you feel after reading the stories of these Pro Bloggers? Definitely, you’re impressed and may want to start one such blog for you straight away. 

But more than 90 percentage of the people fail when it comes to taking up the real action.

With that said, here are more case studies of the top Indian bloggers below.

4. Malini Agarwal

Women Millennial are doing unexpected things.

To keep the narration moving, here’s Malini, a female blogger who has consistently been lending voice to her passion through her blog, missmalini.com.

Faisal Farooqui.jpg

5. Faisal farooqui

Fasail is the owner of the popular consumer review blog, Mouthshut.com.

A blog that helps improve as a research tool in India has gradually made its mark in the industry since it was founded a couple of years ago.

As one of the most popular celebrities and Bollywood blogs started in 2008, Malini has banked on her huge followers to write enlightening posts on fashion, lifestyle, and travel.

You can read and find more about her blog at MissMalini.com

Today she is the most popular female blogger who carries an estimated 500,000 daily page views on her shoulders and over 6 million followers on her social media pages that has translated to an estimated $30,000 monthly income from her blog alone.

Holy Cow! she continues updating her several efforts to grow her readership as well as her blog and God knows what’s going to be the picture of her blog after 10 years from now!

With millions of consumers patronizing his blog for reviews and research, this US-trained blogger earns an estimated $50,000 from his blog, making him one of the most successful bloggers in India.

Mouthshut.com deservedly won the India Digital Media Awards’ maiden edition of the Best Portal Award 2009.

His blog has also made the list of the Top Business People in India in 2012 according to Entrepreneur Magazine in recognition of the role that his blog has played in consumer product review without any bias.

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6. Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas is a Chennai-based Indian blogger. He is an experienced blogger who focuses on web designing, programming, and other related topics and has a large followers.

His blog, 9lessons.info is a pointer for students and tech-oriented individuals who need practical help and reliable information on programming and web- designs.

Srinivas Tamada.png
Varun Krishnan.jpg

7. Varun Krishna

This is another successful Indian blogger who has been around in the industry for some years. He is well known for his innumerable reviews on mobile phones.

If you visit his Fonearena.com blog, you will be amazed to find all the comprehensive reviews he has written and why the heck he is rated as one of the top Indian bloggers.

His blog teaches Ajax, PHP, web design, and programming. He is a successful blogger whose financial success comes from affiliate sources and Adsense earnings.

He is one of the top 10 tech blogs in India with millions of dedicated readers who are visiting his website every month to learn from him.

He pulls in an estimated $20,000 monthly.

He has a steady flow of income tailored from paid advertisements, Adsense, and affiliate marketing. 

You can get a grip of the commendable efforts by visiting Fonearena.com if you are looking for any detailed review of any phone or other related technology news. 

He earns $22,000 monthly.

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That said, let’s now continue flipping up more pages on the life of the Top Indian Bloggers who have built their home biz empires.

You can definitely do this!


8. Amit Bwani

This guy launched his blogging career in 2007 and has not turned back since then.

Amit is an experienced player in the Search Engine Optimization community and the SEO icon of an SEO company that he formed in 2006. He also formed Web Development Business Company where he continues to offer a wide range of website-related services.

Amit Bwani.png

9. Ashish Sinha

The next blogger is in the person of Ashish Sinha who, after working with the prestigious international brands such as IBM and Yahoo, he went into blogging in 2007 and has earned a big name today.

His latest blog Nextbigwhat.com focuses on some hot topics such as Start-ups, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. 

Currently, his blog Amitbhawani.com is packed with the latest technology  news, and information for his growing list of dedicated followers.

With a HUGE monthly income of $25,000, he undoubtedly deserves a place among the top 10 bloggers in India. Amit’s income sources include direct paid advertising, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

The blog is also a reference pointer for Product Marketing, Business Analysis, Product Management, Market Research, and Product Road-maps.

Currently, he earns a monthly income of $18,000 from his blog through affiliate marketing, Adsense, and paid advertisement which is just awesome.

Arun Prabhudesai.png

10. Arun Prabhudesai

Hiya, here’s Arun with his Trak.in, a blog dedicated to the Internet, Technology, Mobile, and Telecom in 2007.

He has continued to pledge his audience with his awesome writing skills and a regular flow of valuable information in his chosen niche.

11. Akanksha Redhu

Redhu launched her fashion and lifestyle blog in 2010 and has since taken the blog to a super level.

Her blog shares amazing fashion and lifestyle tips, including the best outfits for different occasions and the accessories and jewellery designs to go with the dress as well.

Akanksha Redhu.png

Born to be a passionate blogger, his choice of blogging niche is not surprising because Arun himself is an IT professional and Internet geek who has been earning a living from his IT knowledge since 1996.

He joined Webtech Developers PVT Ltd as the manager some years ago. It was at this company that he had the freedom to experience his IT skills and applied them by handling complex web development projects including international clients from the UK and the United States.

With the amount of $15,000 monthly pulled in from his blog, he stands to be among the top 10 bloggers in India. His main income sources are derived mainly from affiliate marketing, Adsense, and paid advertisements.

Since the launching of her blog Akanksharedhu, she has successfully built a huge followers that makes her blog one of the most sought-after in the industry in terms of  fashion or lifestyle blogging niche.

She has successfully impacted herself into the hearts of big brands like Gap, Michael Kors, Motorola, Renault Cars, Ramada Hotels, Uber, Nubia Phones, Burberry, Honda, etc.

Although Redhu got a job after graduation, her desire to be self-employed and to be her OWN BOSS prevented her from taking her 9-5 job seriously. She quit the job after 9 months and went into blogging full time.

It is believed that she earns filthy huge from her blogging and although her earning figures aren’t readily available, but her association with big brands confirms it so.

Anshita Juneja.png

12. Anshita Juneja

This beautiful lady spent a full year figuring out her life before she eventually settled for blogging. To make her blogging dream come true, she got a blogging camera, made a working schedule, bought some products for review, and taught herself the pieces of stuff for blogging through YouTube.

13. Anuradha Goyal

Since 2004, Anuradha has consistently put her efforts to establish a travel blog that will provide tourists and travelling lovers with the right information for a safe and fun-filled travelling experience. She started off by sharing her personal travelling stories to a couple of travelers. 

Anuradha Goyal.png

As one of the best fashion bloggers in India, the Master’s Degree holder in Marketing has a huge followers of over 800,000 monthly visitors on her fashion blog, Vanitynoapologies.com.

Holy moly, She is currently recognized as one of the most awarded and successful fashion bloggers throughout the country.

Her niche includes product reviews as a way of educating people about the best beauty products that can enhance their beauty and help them to age gracefully without losing their beauty and appeal.

Her unbiased reviews on nail and lipstick products are fantastic and receive top rated in the industry.

You can copy her footsteps right away!

She published her debut book, The Mouse Charmers in 2014. This book went on to become a national bestseller, a proof of her versatility as a blogger cum writer.

She was among the winners of an annual organized by The Culture Trip in 2015. She also won the India Local Favourite 2015 Award in recognition of her role in exploring India and exposing the country to tourism opportunities through her blog.

Her platform, IndiTales.com is an award-winning travel blog that has inspired many potential bloggers and travel lovers with experiences from jungle safaris, museums across the world, and from offbeat roads and the list goes on.

She’s simply a worthy member of the top 10 travel bloggers in India.

Deepak Kanakaraju.png

14. Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak is an electronic advertising expert and marketing consultant from Bangalore.

After coming across a post on blogging and Adsense at a magazine in the year 2008, he got motivated to start a site, and that is how  his blogging journey began.

15. Anil Agarwal

He is a professional blogger from Gurgaon, India and launched his blog called Bloggers Passion on Jan 1st 2010.

He a master degree in computers and got the motivation to start Bloggers Passion.com blog after seeing the success of some of the leading blogs.

Since then, there was no looking back and his website is currently rated among the top 10 digital advertising sites in India and is well known.

His first startup was an online motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice which eventually became the No.1 motorcycle blog in India with 1,00,000+ followers and 1 Million+ page views per month.

He also offers digital marketing training for anyone who follows him.

Currently, Deepak is raking a whopping 2,00,000+ INR monthly from his site.

Reach him out at Digitaldeepak.com

He derives his inspiration from online niche sites like Problogger, ShoeMoney and JohnChow.

He also offers the ultimate complete Tutorials on SEO and a step by step guide to beginners for getting massive traffic.

You can book a 1-on-1 consultation for a charge of $50 per hour and the mode of consultation can be through email, phone call or online chats as per convenience.

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As you can see, he earns $106,000 monthly which is more than 75,00,000 INR.

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16. Niranjan Das

Das, who is the founder of TalesofNomad is a prolific travelling blogger. As the blog title suggests, he is passionate about travelling and is always ready to keep a diary of his travelling experience on his blog where his followers are treated to amazing travelling experiences, safety tips, and related topics for the increasing number of tourism lovers.

Niranjan Das.png
jaspal Singh.PNG

17. Jaspal Singh

Jaspal Singh is dynamic tech blogger who dedicates himself to the latest tech news and product reviews.  He writes extensively on a wide range of technology-related topics that include Digital Marketing, How-to, Blogging, Deals, Content Marketing, Web hosting, and gadgets etc.

He’s always on the move. He doesn’t shy away from long bike rides, engrossing train journey, or embarking on treacherous trekking to get to his destination.

The adventures give him the fun and experience he needs for his blog and his followers.

This seasoned travel blogger has some amazing extra desire to set his foot in each of the countries in the world; learn about new cultures, and meet awesome people while moving from one country to another.

He has been featured on many notable platforms such as The Hindu, Travel + Leisure, Spice Flair,  Yahoo, and Clay, Travel Chronicles, and many others which is a proof of his eligibility as one of the top bloggers in India.

He has built a travelling empire of his own.

Singh is a mechanical engineer by training and is so passionate about the world of computers. This makes him a dedicated web designer cum programmer. 

Since his blog was launched in 2009, he has continued to provide its readers with the best content according to their immediate needs, taking the changing trend in the technology world into consideration by making changes to the blog as he deems necessary for his readers.

He focuses on topics that are current and have some definite information. That has been the secret behind his success.

He’s deeply conscious on the customers’ needs and satisfaction.

He earns about $4,000 mainly from his blog monthly, and a great deal of his income, like any other blogger, is from paid ads, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

18. Hemapriya

Here’s is a lady-doctor who is into full time blogging.

She fuses motherhood with blogging. The mother of two kids, started her blogging as a hobby to assist new mothers to find answers and solutions to their queries and concerns about newly born babies.


19. Nagalakshmi

This is another awesome blogger a.k.a nags and the brain behind the popular food blog “Edible Garden”, a recipes and food blog for the busy people.

She created her cooking and food blog over a decade ago.

Doctor Mommy, as she is known, has provided support to mothers who are overwhelmed with the challenges of taking care of their newborn babies. 

She guides to those who don’t have their families around to provide them with the needed guidance and assistance at this crucial time in their lives.

She offers dietary instructions and tips that can assist a new parent to gradually make the transition from giving a baby exclusive breastfeeding to starting solid foods without being inhibited by the different misleading stories associated with the weaning process.

Dr Hema is among the top India bloggers and a specialist in her chosen niche – parenting and she’s crushing it.

Check her full works at Mylittlemoppet.com

And since then, the blog has travelled together with her entire life all through her first job, relocation, marriage, and now into parenting.

You will find a lot of healthy recipes on a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Her recipes have specific leanings on Kerala food and Tamil Nadu cooking style.

She primarily makes money on her blog via Google Adsense (Display Ads), Affiliate Marketing, and Brand Partnership (Sponsored Content).

Currently, she earns $1,378 from her blogging alone.

Find out more recipes she shows you at Cookingandme.com

Anand Khanse.png

20. Anand khanse

Anand Khanse is a Windows enthusiast. His blog, Thewindowsclub.com is exclusively dedicated to one of the biggest Operating Systems in the world, Windows. 

21. Shreekanth Nandipati

Relaks.com boasts of a moderate 500,000 to 600,000 average monthly traffic.

The value of his blog content makes Nandipati a force to reckon with in Indian blogging.

Sreekant Nandipati.png

You will be simply amazed to know that this blogger was so good at Windows that the Tech Giant recognized his skills and awarded him the company’s most valuable professional award.

He is the recipient of the Microsoft MVP Awardee, not once or twice, but for 10 consecutive years from 2006 to 2016 which is phenomenal!

His passion for Windows and their products led to the creation of his blog where he blogs about Windows and their products, leveraging his wealth of experience to give millions of Windows lovers in the country something to read from time to time.

TheWindowsClub enjoys an average monthly traffic of 10 million page views.

He also has a long list of his works given international recognition in notable media platforms such as Fox8 Live News, PC World, Washington Post, Lifehacker, as well as some other online and offline publications. 

He is a Certified Financial Planner and founded Relaks where he offers his financial expertise to the Indian community to assist them in making shrewd financial decisions.

Although he claims not to offer investment advice, his blog has continued to provide valuable financial assistance to his hundreds of thousands of followers for the past 7 years.

His writing ranges from finance-related topics such as Financial Planning, Banking, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Real Estate, Loans & Credit, Tax Planning, and Stocks.

His blog has provided the much needed assistance to individuals and corporate bodies in need of financial assistance since it was launched.

The present earning received from his Relakhs.com is estimated at $2,755 monthly.

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What do you think of these top Indian bloggers? Will you go ahead and follow any one of them?

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I hope that this article helped you to understand the 21 top Indian Bloggers and why the heck you should be following them. Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

For some, attracting the first 1000 visitors to a blog will be the Big Goal and for others it will be attracting the first 1,000,000 visitors. Making $100,000 per year is a Big Goal – but it is not an impossible goal.

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