Is bUnited a Scam? (Reviews You’ve Not Read)

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bUnited is a business model where you can get paid to unite. But is bUnited a scam or what are the reviews you’ve not read to make money?

This question has been bothering the perception of webmasters and entrepreneurs lately. So I decided to sign up and did some in-depth research myself to find out exactly what the heck it is, and whether it has any prospects to join.

Normally, I carry out a little bit of Scam-busting spree before joining any site as wrong wagons in the past had given me enough cautions.

The ability to identify scammers is going to be a great asset not only for every successful online entrepreneur but also a plus point for people who follow you.

So I will be honest with the review I’m showing you here about bUnited.


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I was as skeptical as you are now when I first visited the site. It was not clear to me how it would work and the reviews I did find online didn’t give any detailed information.

So, I was on my vigil with my fingers crossed to see how things pan out especially when it comes to the referral payments.

Some Opinions About bUnited

Some YouTubers have gone to the extent that bUnited have paid them. But until the time of writing this post, no one seems to have received any payment.

Watch this YouTube video uploaded on July 1, 2019, to confirm what I’m showing you –



Not satisfied with the information, I tweaked some more reviews on Mighty Google and came up with a screenshot taken from the shared link of Facebook Group that was posted on September 17, 2019 –

bUnited payment information.png


This shows that Vodafone was live in Germany in September 2019 and ANYONE with a German Referral gets paid.

That’s a big leap.

If you visit their website and scroll down to the bottom, you will see the blog from the Chairman’s note that they will start paying members in September 2019 which justifies Germany’s heat-up.

To take the argument further, this guy posted a video on Aug 20, 2019 –


The latest by the time this post was written.

Here are some more highlights that will give you an informed idea.


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bUnited and BBB

Most reviewers are chiming out information of the Chairman and the team running behind it but failed to include some parameters to authenticate the site.

The following is a screenshot of the result received from BBB showing that it hadn’t received any red flags nor does bUnited carry any vestiges of a scamming notion.

Here’s the proof:

BBB scam report.png


BBB(Better Business Bureau) is an organization that gives you the chance to crack down any scamming site online.

If you’re doubtful of a site, just go to BBB website and hit the top button on the Right where you can enter any URL on the Scam Tracker to confirming the site.

Go ahead and mark any business or an offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud. Just tell them about it and that’s it.

They help you to investigate and warn others by reporting what you know. Click HERE for further reading and to make good use of this amazing site.

Scamming Sites Ask Upfront Payments

bUnited is not asking its members for any money. Rather, it doles out $10 for anyone who signs up. It invites everyone to join for FREE and get paid for a referral of each friend – 5 levels deep: $10 for your direct referral, $10 for each referral of your direct referrals, and so on till the 5th level.

The only personal information they ask is your name, email address and country of residence.

This contradicts the scamming sites that ask upfront payments. Therefore, this part of the scam definition may not be proper to be applied to the company.

For an informed decision, you can join the Quora forum and throw a volley of questions out there. Peeping into their Facebook Support Group will also be an added knowledge.

Check that out!

What you should be doing next?

The answer is simple – reading some more reviews and digging a little deeper about this company will help you to stay ahead on the matter and to arrive at your own conclusion.


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No Harm to Join bUnited

As cited, there are no upfront fees involved in joining the site. Honestly, there’s no harm in joining it.

The goal of bUnited is extremely impressive and daunting. It strives to make major corporations immediately fund initiatives to reduce Global Warming as fast as possible.

This is generous and benevolent. As consumers, according to it, we already have all the power we need to win by uniting together.

When that happens, and whenever a company makes a sale to its members, it pays to support global impact programs including Global Warming, Planting Trees and Saving Rainforests.

Additionally, many companies will do programs to clean our oceans, provide food to the hungry, and give healthcare where most needed.

Where on earth can you find a better ideology than this?

One of its partner companies, Deutsche Telekom, has saved over 1,000,000 square meters of Amazon rainforest in 2018. Wow, this is matchless!

Some of the primary goals of bUnited include –

  • Saving the rainforest: Save 1 billion square meters of Amazon rainforest per year.
  • Planting Trees: Plant 1 million trees per year as not only do trees absorbed Co2 but also stored it in wood, keeping it out of the air we breathe.
  • Removing 1 million kg of plastic from the oceans: bUnited also supports The Ocean Cleanup project to remove plastics from the oceans. Plastics pollute, poison, and kill our fish and other marine life.

Besides, there are many awesome goals like supplying pure drinking water in Africa, Asia, South America to prevent diseases from contaminated water and so on.

You can read the details of their vision document and purpose by going HERE.

Now, look at the catchy invitation on sign up:

sign up image.png

By uniting ourselves and bringing one referral to the site, you get a $10 payment. It shows that all we need to do is to unite. By bringing more friends, you reserve your potential earnings.

Last week, I received an email from bUnited congratulating me for nailing a friend under my referral link. I knew I had signed up to the site but was out of touch.

The email was the wakener to prove the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”. Mark the date HERE:


bUnited referral.png


On further clicking the mail, I was shown my reserved earning on the platform.

bUnited Referral Earning.png


Being anxious, I immediately joined their Facebook Support Group to clarify my doubts and to steering my intention forward.

After my Facebook account was approved, I threw them a question where the Referral Payment in Germany for the month of September 2019 was vocal.

A few hours later, a member of the Support Team in the person of Colin Spiller responded as follows:

bUnited facebook group.png


I was told to be patient about receiving referral payments.

What’s the Catch?

By joining bUnited, you have the potential to earn a good amount of money simply by referring a few friends. The income calculator shows your potential earning of $78,100 on referring just 5 friends.

This seems a HUGE promise! Thus, how it stacks up with time is a dominant factor. Payments may be given – in a few weeks, months or years that can’t be predicted right now.

So, when you will receive your payment is to be seen and waited.

Of course, joining without spending a cent from your pocket has got nothing to lose. Just join and stay optimistic.

Here’s the amount you’ll receive for referring 5 friends.


bUnited earning calculator.png


The Bottomline

There are some negative reviews about bUnited out there. Most people are skeptical about it and thinking it to be a pyramid scheme to collect personal data. Of course, opinions will always differ.

To tell you the truth, bUnited is not a scam and doesn’t bear any red flags. But we will have to see how the payment for referrals comes into effect.

It doesn’t matter what you do with the company. What matters is how you do with it.

And TIME is going to be the ONLY healer.

Just join the DAMN SITE and observe how things pan out for you.

Give it a try for FREE HERE –

I hope that this article helped you to understand what’s bUnited and the rising hubbubs surrounding the company. You may also like to check the article on building a website step by step.

Or, do you have any other information about bUnited that wasn’t covered in this post? If so, kindly include the link in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading.



12 thoughts on “Is bUnited a Scam? (Reviews You’ve Not Read)”

    • You should definitely do that. There’s no harm in signing up as there’re no upfront fees involved. Instead, you’re given $10 doing that and another $10 for bringing a friend.

      When a bUnited member buys any product, the company pays to save the rainforest, cleans plastic wastes from water sources, and even feeds the hungry.

      We save our planet together by joining this unique movement.

  1. Hi Phomrong,

    This is really interesting post. I have never come across bUnited. So thank you so much for enlightening me with this information. Also, I like your honesty, I really appreciate the fact that you tested them and then shared your views. I look forward to join and will keep you posted on my journey.

    Thanks again and look forward for more such interesting ideas.

    • So nice to hear that. Indeed, bUnited is extending all efforts to unite ourselves for a better planet and making it more sustainable. It wants to preserve the rainforest and dispose of plastic wastes in proper order.

      We build a powerful body to combat what’s good for humanity including the supply of pure drinking water in Africa, Asia and feeding the hungry where most needed.

      It also checks big companies that would be disappointing to the existence of humanity in areas like Health, Environment, and Pollution.

      Get into the board and SIGN UP today.

    • Yes, it is a Global movement. And the best part is that you earn $10 for every friend that you bring in while also making our small planet sustainable in terms of preserving rainforest, proper disposal of plastics, and pure drinking water worldwide.

      You should sign up and become a member of this amazing movement.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thank you for the review. I didn’t hear about United before, it sounds exciting and for a good cause. I will sign in. I am also thankful for the information about BBB; I didn’t know that you can check spam sites. Thank you, I will subscribe to your blog.

  3. Yes, we all win in signing up with bUnited. Definitely, it is a good cause for mother earth. The company strives for a collective effort in preserving the rain forests, disposal of plastics and the supply of pure drinking water in Asia, Africa and other parts of the world where most needed.

    Most scamming sites tags upfront payments but this ins’t!

    Check your potential of EARNING HERE by becoming a member today.

  4. Hi Phomrong, firstly I had never heard of bUnited, secondly with the internet nowadays individuals certainly have to be vigilant that they are not scammed by other individuals that would like to gain a benefit from others. It’s great that B-United is prepared to pay individuals I am actually going to do further research before I sign-up. Thank you for giving me information on bUnited. I am subscribing to find out more about your various reviews.

    • Oh yes, many people have not heard of bUnited. It’s just a simple site with the staggering vision – Get Paid to Unite – that was launched in 2014 and is growing.

      You should definitely try to find out the PROS and CONS of any site before you join and after having done that, you can always come back to sign up bUnited on this link.

      Wishing you all the best of luck and success.


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