How to Send a PDF File in Gmail



PDF is the most common format when it comes to sending and receiving documents with your clients. In this article, I’m going to show you how to send a pdf file in Gmail.

This format is so useful when sending professional documents such as a contract or a deal because it preserves the document’s original formatting and prevents the recipient from making changes.

Gmail, the free email service provided by Google, allows you to send PDF attachments as long as the total attachment size is under 25MB.

Recently, there has been some extension allowing you to send more, but that’s a different part of the story.

Now, to send a pdf file in Gmail, you should be in possession of the steps shown:

  • A Gmail Account to sign in
  • PDF(Portable Document File) in your Google Drive

That being said, here’s the step to follow β€”

1st Method: As a Hyperlink

Sign in to your Gmail account and click ‘Compose’. Enter the recipient’s email address, a subject line and the text of your email.

In this example, I’m highlighting the phrase, “Access it Right Here” as the clickable PDF so that when my clients click, it carries them directly to the PDF file of my Google Drive for them to read or download.

Study the image below:

PDF Email.png

After highlighting your text, scroll down to the Insert Link Icon where a box opens up for you to paste your PDF Link as shown by the red square shape and indicated by the arrow above and just hit Send.

It’s that simple!

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2nd method: As Attachment File

In a similar manner, sign in to your Gmail Account and click the compose button. In the β€œTo” Field enter the recipient’s email address and add a Subject.

Enter text into the body of your email, including the text you want to make into a hyperlink. Now, highlight the portion of text you want to make into a hyperlink using your cursor.

Then scroll down to locate the ‘Attach file’ button and Click on it. Paste the URL for the web page you want to link to into the appropriate field when the window appears on your screen.

Click send and that’s it.

You can crosscheck your edit if it is working properly.

Mathew Pierce explains it in the audio-visual mode. Enjoy watching!

This is how you send a PDF file in Gmail.

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  1. Nice and informative article – I never actually knew that icon was to link a file from google drive into the email, so I learnt something knew today! Thanks Phomrong!

  2. Thanks for explaining how to do this in an easy to use manner. I had never thought of doing this before so I’m going to give it a try as it will make my documents will look a lot more professional. Plus it’s really very simple!

    I’ve had a look around your website and you have a lot of great content so I’m off to read more now. Many thanks.

    • That’s so nice and encouraging to the ear. You’re welcome to explore the entire site and check if some more content can give you an extra push for a thumping business.

      Chime back if you have any other comment or clarifications in the matter.
      Wishing you great success.

  3. This is a very helpful post, sending a pdf file in an email is something I plan doing in the near future and now I know how it is done. All I need to do now is create the pdf. I do know how to do that bit thankfully.

    This will help a lot of people get over another hurdle in their attempt to build a business.

    Thanks for the information,

    • Hi Frank, thanks for leaving your comment. I had felt the hurdle in sending a pdf file with an email when I was starting off and the result is this tutorial.

      Like you said, I also feel that this tutorial finds many more eyes and be benefited from it.

      Good day.

    • Oh yes, the video is simple and clear, and more simple is the written text. You can definitely apply the step to have an awesome PDF sent in your clients’ emails.

      Go ahead and implement the steps.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Thank you, super easy tutorial to follow. However, how can I send using my gmail and Iphone? is the process the same?

  5. Thank you so much for breaking this down! I do use gmail and have a few issues sending a pdf file on occasion. You’ve explained it in a very easy to understand way. The pictures are also very useful as it can be sometimes difficult to understanding anything technical with just a text description alone. Definitely going to save this for future reference!


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