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If you’re like me, you are definitely tweaking and browsing in the internet to make some money online. In this article, I am going to show you how to earn money without an investment.

Here’s a YouTube video that I personally uploaded for you to watch and to duplicate it for earning at least, $200 per day without spending a dime.

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What the mind can perceive, it can be achieved!

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Let’s note here that more than 80% of people are struggling each day to earn money. 

The growing prices and the monthly salaries from paycheck to paycheck have made most employees to worry about their future.

Moreover, the earning of a lone-parent in the family is often not sufficient to support the rising demands.

Living on a low income can bring multiple stresses such as inadequate food and shelter.

It also fuels poverty, debt, dispossession and restricted social opportunities. This greatly affects the relationship in the family and leads to unnecessary troubles about the future well-being.

But thank God, on the other hand, the vast growth of the Internet and its technology has given rise to a HUGE Online Job opportunities to earn money without investments. This is where earning Extra Income and setting up a Business Empire from the comforts of your home comes into play.

When I started working online in 2012 without proper guidance and knowledge, I got scammed and lost a lot of money.

But, the mistakes had taught me good lessons that I wanted to share with you on this blog. So take every effort to LEARN before you start to EARN as this is the basic ingredient for your successful online entrepreneurship.

Here are 3 important points that you should seriously stick with:

  • Don’t expect that the Internet can give you instant money.
  • To earn thousands of dollars just don’t happen overnight.
  • There’s no short cuts to earn money or get quick rich programs and those who tell you so are rip-offs and con tricks.

This, then brings to the fact that you need to put your work with great effort and dedication with the proper knowledge to get real success.

If you are ready for this then,

– You need to have the passion to learn new skills
– You need to wait at least 3–6 months to get your first income
– You also need all the requirements as shown below:

The basic requirements to start earning online:

– A Personal Computer or a laptop with good Internet connection
– Gmail Account
– Bank Account
– PayPal Account
– PayU Payment Account

That said, this is for anyone falling under the following categories:


What can this blog do for you?

This blog teaches you two different ways to earn money online.

  1. Doing Online Jobs
  2. Doing Online Businesses

Who is eligible for these jobs? 

Anyone with the true desire to make additional revenue from the Internet.Students, Job Seekers, Housewives, Retired Persons & Second Income Earners

What is the actual job?

In this blog, you first have to spend some time to learn the step by step Online Programs shown here.

So ready?

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In order to give you more informed idea of the site, you do the following tasks and become a genuine member and take your online business to greater heights.



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Looking for More Legit Ways?

Honestly speaking, there are hundreds of ways when you search the internet to earn money online without investment. You may find some legit sources, and also be noted that there are many scam sources out there about making money online.

Most people often failed to succeed because they are not having enough awareness to differentiate the legit way to earn money from the scamming sources.

The best practice is to follow someone who has been into the business with a good amount of experience or finding a mentor who will guide you.

The reason is that there are some secret tools that you need to equip yourself with and to find out the legit ones and which  aren’t. You can also go here for further reading.


Here are 15 ways to earn money without an investment from your own home.

Follow exactly what is shown and get back and relax to see how money starts filling up your bank account within a short span of time.

You’ll be happy you did. Watch the YouTube video on the right.

Still need more resources to keep feeding your small upper chambers for generating cash without investment? The left video walks you through 20 ways to earn backed by the one on the right. Enjoy!

Ok, click the videos above to unfold more awesome ways. Open Google in your browsers and start rampaging the sites.

Please take up the tasks one at a time and do not complicate things.

You can do this in your own shorts early in the morning or late at night or any other schedules that fit you best.

Isn’t it exciting fella?

The next workload for you to do today is:

Start your own blog

You can follow and start implementing all the resources shown that lead you to a legit way of earning money. But the ultimate method that will last forever, and the one that pulls unlimited income is to have a BLOG of your OWN and start drawing massive traffic.

To do this, you need to find a Hosting Platform. Learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which includes H1, 2 and 3 tags, optimized images, fetch as Google, how to embed videos on your blog, signing up for Google Analytics, getting comments from fans etc.

Hey wait,

Using social media, writing rich content, verifying your website in Google Webmaster tools, joining the YouTube Creator Studio, putting the right Meta tags and description and the list goes on…

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Finally, I hope that you found this post helpful and valuable.

You may also want to check how to make money online at home.

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Do not overthink taking a decision

Here’s to your HUGE Success.

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