Fun Corner

You’re living in a CRAZY world. A world of binary opposites – rich and poor, hot and cold, health and sickness, young and old, rain and sunshine and where your ‘laughter’ can be a ‘cry’ to someone else – haha…lol.

These stunning opposites make your little planet more entertaining and a wonderful place to live in!

There’s a HUGE difference everywhere and here are some fitting scenes to reckon with, and take you for an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Rooted in Veils(Hijabs)

Oliver Sallet fights for her rights to revoke the ban on Denmark’s full face-veils. She’s distributing pamphlets in public and talking to the officials that she should be given the ample chance to wear what she likes.

Muslim women believe in covering their bodies as an awesome way to preserve chastity. They take pride in covering the hands, legs, and face.

A Muslim woman is like a piece of candy, like a lollipop. She’s covered fully so flies and germs don’t land on her.

Enjoy watching the YouTube video below:


Contrastingly, here’s a woman with her Super Breast smashing melons and other things around and that takes the YouTube world by storm and startles the viewers with dropping jaw!

Shouldn’t you watch her from the prism of the Muslim lady?

OMG! watch this:


There are many more weird things in the world that we can dive into but we’ll be pulling up only what is educative and entertaining.

What are your thoughts on these?

Now, take a deep breath and pay your attention carefully on this angle. I will be so happy to know if you have a better suggestion other than this.

Here’s the kicker.

Height of Difference

There’s no greater difference than the one you will be shown on this page. You may travel the whole world looking for dissimilar things.

Maybe you began your research at an early age, or you’ve covered long distances assembling and studying contrasting things and still, you won’t find the sharp Difference between:

A Monkey and a Screwdriver = height of difference

So, the height of difference of the world is a monkey and a screwdriver!

a smiling monkey.png

A monkey giving you all its SMILE! What a funny world!

The next is the Screwdriver. Observe the marked difference between the two. Holy Moly!

image of a screwdriver.png

Look at the two images over and over and over again. You will come to realize that there’s indeed, no greater difference between a monkey and a screwdriver.