Everyone has a story, a purpose, a reason to live and grab the chances that crossed their paths. Some are born great, some work hard and achieve it. I’m equally in the second and third not because I’m a Duality but because I love greatness thrust upon. And you can do the same!

My name is Phomrong Hongsha and I’m 47 years young. I’ve been married 12 years ago and have 3 children.

My photo at the front door.jpg

My Photo

A snapshot in front of my college door

For 15 years, I found myself in the teaching arena. And I always told myself why I liked my job. I was good at it. It supported my family and I was able to pay my bills.

But still, there was something burning inside. I wanted to set foot on beyond what I had – I wanted to travel around the world, and exactly have financial freedom.

As I stood musing deeply at my desk, I asked myself the toughest questions I could ask: Is this my purpose in life?

Is this what I was meant to do? Am I going to be in the same position when I am 60 years old and beyond?

Will I be happy to retire with this kinda lifestyle that I currently have or not? And so on…


Many thoughts were rolling through my my head – fear, anxiety, discontentment. I had to make a change. Why was I doing something that I wasn’t fully happy with?

Fear overruled me, and fear had control over me, my purpose and left me pathetic.

How many times in my life had I let fear take control of my actions, my plans and my life?

So I shouted at the Top of my Voice, ” Fear let go off me!”

And I took the step and rose like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, to take my talent to the online world, conquer my fear, and make a life-changing moment


I told myself that I wanted to become a world wide Entrepreneur and never looked back. I picked up every information about online marketing and keep on ‘keeping on’.

My vision here is to help ordinary people like YOU realize how extra ordinary YOU really are! And that you should never give up on your goals in life.

Whether it be starting a business online through a blog or becoming just a YouTube fan to tell your story, I’m here to help.

We are all born with a special purpose and yet, only a few harness their God-given potential and that’s truly a sad thing.


An outing photo of my family.jpg

A Family Photo

An outing trip with my family

So dive in and we can keep crushing your niche together.

Repeat after me, “I can do ten times my potential through God who strengthens me.

Keep your flame burning and let people see who YOU REALLY ARE!


Phomrong Hongsha